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Our Nation's Unhealthy Beef Industry

Today’s meat industry is based on confinement of the animals in feedlots where GMO (genetically modified organism) grains and antibiotics are fed to the animals. Cows are herbivores - grass eating animals. Grains in concentration are not a natural part of their diet and not healthy for them.  Almost all grain fed in feedlots contains both glyphosate and antibiotics. Animals are herded into concentration camp feedlots, living in their own waste up to their knees. As one would imagine, health issues develop in the animals. Due to the horrific conditions under which the cattle are fattened, antibiotics in the feed become necessary to keep the animals alive long enough to be brought to slaughter weight. 


It was soon discovered that antibiotics in turn cause the animals to fatten faster. This is because antibiotics disrupt the microbiome (gut bacteria) of a cow’s stomach causing it to gain weight faster. 


While this phenomenon is a positive for the feedlot industry, it is a huge negative for your health. Antibiotics fed to the cattle end up in the meat which the consumer eats, thus compromising the effectiveness of antibiotics prescribed by doctors. This is becoming a major crisis in the health industry today. If you enter a hospital and contract a staph infection, you may not survive. There are now some infections that no antibiotic can cure.


In recent years a new problem with feedlot raised beef has occurred with the introduction of GMO seeds and the herbicide glyphosate. 95% of the corn raised in this country is GMO and 98% of the soy is GMO. Since the introduction of GMO, the health of the feedlot animals has deteriorated more, necessitating even more antibiotics. Glyphosate is now in nearly all the meat and food that we eat and adversely affects our personal microbiome. Research is showing a very high correlation between the use of antibiotics and glyphosate with the epidemic rise in autism and ADHD in our children. 


The chemicals in our food are causing people to become chronically ill for what appears as unknown reasons. 


The food we eat is making us sick!  Remember this simple statement “You are what you eat ate.” 

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